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I’m a software developer making my way into the world of management. I currently work with an incredibly group of creative and innovative people at Mondo Robot, a smallish digital creative agency in Boulder Colorado. I focus on removing roadblocks and optimizing process to support our ongoing projects. I provide technical leadership at the project level, supporting developers, and ensuring we ship high quality solutions that solve client problems. I help to bring process improvement at the organizational level, and facilitate effective collaboration across Development, Design, UX, and Producer departments.

I’m a huge believer in Agile project management, communication, cross team and inter-team collaboration, code standards and review, automation, and continuous reflection and improvement. I like running, biking, climbing, skiing, good beer, being a dad, and playing with my family.

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  1. Danny says:

    Hi Jason,

    I read your transcript and video on DevOps regarding HIPAA. Best piece of content I have found to date on this topic and intersection of healthcare web applications and security. I’m a healthcare graduate working on a project and navigating through all the security risks is obscene. The bare bones cost to have a HIPAA compliant hosting service is $800 a month. I even thought of buying my own Dell r720 server to get around the ridiculous start up cost. However, Elliot mentioned an interesting concept of encryption at the file level. Are their any updates or conversations about securing a web application after your interview in Jan 2014?

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