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Including Gem Rake Tasks in Sinatra

I learned today that Sinatra doesn’t automatically load Rake tasks from included gems (Rails has Railties, which make it easy for a gem builder to add Rake tasks from a gem into your Rails project). Some searching the interwebs turned … Continue reading

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Heroku DevOps with Heroku Builder

Heroku Builder can be leveraged two ways to improve your development and deploy workflow on Heroku: Config Variable management, and full app setup and management. As it’s far more likely you have an existing application, let’s start by looking at … Continue reading

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Scheduling Heroku Free Node Downtime

My current company takes advantage of Heroku’s free nodes for running non-production environment applications. Recently we ran into an issue where nodes where not reliably sleeping for the required six hours. I put together a small Rake file we use … Continue reading

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Git Push Deployment for Big Commerce

One of the challenges we had working on a Big Commerce implementation was integrating it efficiently into our team’s work flow. At Gazelle, GitHub is a key part of how me move code from engineer to production. As is common, … Continue reading

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MySQL – Finding Tables With Certain Columns

I’m working on munging some data on our main application and needed to build a set of tables that I need to look at. We have 140 tables in the app, and being lazy, I figured I could just write … Continue reading

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Capistrano for Server Monitoring

Capistrano is a fantastic tool for managing deploys, but it’s capable of far more than just pushing up code and restarting servers.┬áHere are couple of tricks for harvesting stats and managing servers with Capistrano. Suppose you need to check memory … Continue reading

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