Tech Leadership Weekly, Issue 9

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Dave Thomas
Agile is Dead (video)

The Agile Manifesto is being applied in ways the original authors never intended. It’s created an entire industry of consultants and process. From one of the original authors, a reset:

  • Understand where you are.
  • Take a small step toward your goal.
  • Adjust your understanding from what you learned.
  • Repeat.

When faced with a choice, choose the option that is easier to change in the future.

Reading Time: 8 minutes

What Shape are You?

In a creative endeavor, like software development, the work is subtractive, meaning you start with a pile of stuff to do. The work is complete when there is no more stuff to do. Each person’s efforts removes stuff from that pile. Instead of evaluating individuals on strengths and weaknesses, look at the value each person brings to the team (or the stuff they subtract from the pile). It is important to provide feedback to the expected scope of an individual’s work and it’s context within the larger picture. This awareness helps people understand the true value of their contributions.

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Matt Moore

How can you keep a team nimble, focused, and effective? Construct Pizza Box Teams (no larger than can be fed with two pizzas) of Directly Responsible Individuals, and insure they have Objectives and Key Results goals. The small team, aligned on a common set of goals, with a mix of product, full stack engineering, marketing, and analytics skills streamlines the flow of information and maximizes effectiveness of the team.

Read Time: 5 minutes

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