Tech Leadership Weekly, Issue 7

A weekly dose of management, process, and leadership.

Dave Girouard
Speed as a Habit

Moving fast isn’t just something software teams need to focus on, it’s applicable to the entire organization. Making thoughtful decisions with input and perspective from your team, and acting quickly on those decisions creates forward progress. Tackling problems in parallel results in quicker solutions. Constantly asking “Why it can’t be faster?” can generate creative ideas for simpler solves. If an organization can move faster than their competition, they will win.

Read Time: 10 minutes


This site is the result of Google’s efforts to understand what makes an effective manager. Short, high value insights and guides about the skills it takes to manage, and how to become a better manager.

Read Time: 5 minutes – 1 hour

Chris Herd
The Parallels Between Life and Project Management

Start your day with the task you least look forward to. Recognize when you’re wrong and apologize. Relationships are worth more than being right all the time. Trust those around you. Let people be experts. Praise publicly. Empathize and coach instead of yelling. Be a good person and others will follow you.

Reading Time: 5 minutes

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