Tech Leadership Weekly, Issue 4

A weekly dose of management, process, and leadership.

First Round
This Is What Impactful Engineering Leadership Looks Like

A good manager is a good facilitator. It means understanding the goals and objectives of your people and creating opportunities. It means clearing roadblocks to allow your team to be productive. It means freeing information, for effective feedback and retrospectives, as well as aligning the team around business challenges and goals.

Reading Time: 15 minutes

Matt Briggs
The Role of a Senior Developer

An insightful look into the skills and insight of a developer at various points in the progression of their craft. It’s not about years of experience, it’s about one’s ability to understand the trade-offs of proposed solutions, and how those solutions and trade-offs fit into the larger context and environment.

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Marcus Blankenship
Delegation Checklist

This is a great, single page, cheat-sheet for what and how you should be delegating work to your team.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

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