Tech Leadership Weekly, Issue 3

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Marcus Blankenship
The Real Work of (Software) Management

As managers, instead of producing code, we produce cohesive, productive teams. Our actions need to be force multipliers, and our focus is on deliver value as a team. It can be hard to transition away from writing code, but as a leader, it’s important that you do. Marcus offers some excellent advice on what you need to focus on as a manager.

Read Time: 10 minutes

Dwaine Smith
Mentoring Junior Developers

In my experience, hiring junior developers is easy (comparable, of course, to hiring senior developers), but growing and developing junior developers is the real challenge. Dwaine Smith offers some great advice to this point. Respect, offering challenging opportunities, education, and feedback are important for developing and shaping the more junior members of your team.

Read Time: 5 minutes

Bernard Golden (CIO)
4 principles that will shape the future of IT

At this point, most companies leverage software as some sort of competitive advantage, despite not calling themselves software companies. Amazon: a software company that sells pretty much everything, Uber: a software company that provides on demand transportation, Netflix: a software company that provides video rentals and streaming movies. Companies are rapidly evolving into software companies which serving a particular niche. The practices and processes we currently utilize in our software teams will continue to expand into the larger organization. The future is bright.

Read Time: 10 minutes

Jeremiah Dillon (Fast Company)
Read This Google Email About Time Management Strategy

Just because we’re not makers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think like makers. Just as a developer needs solid blocks of uninterrupted time to work effectively, managers need uninterrupted time to tackle tasks like planning, scheduling, writing, brainstorming, and relationship building. This post is a great reminder that as managers, we shouldn’t schedule our work in 30 minute blocks.

Read Time: 5 minutes

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